Julia Descending a Staircase

In my travels, I’ve become intrigued by the cubist style of painting and have wanted to make cubist fractals, whatever they are.  This is my first attempt. (In it, “Julia” refers to the Julia set fractal, not a particular woman.)  It was inspired by Duchamp's famous painting,"Nude Descending a Staircase." I created it using the embossing technqiue to get the minimal sense of the Julia sets, like Duchamp’s painting resembles sketches of the woman.  The Julia parameter changes slightly with each step, so the shapes vary down the staircase.  Also, I changed the lighting angle each step, to add more variation and to help distinguish the eight different Julia fractals.  None of them are entirely visible in the stack, like Duchamp's figures all kind of running over each other.  But I went from a more gray palette at the back (left) to black/white at the front (right) to help separate them and to give a sense of motion.