Phyllotaxis Square Midget

"Square" midgets are found in embedded Julia sets in the Mandelbrot set. They are so called because they generally exhibit outer structure with four-degree rotational symmetry. That structure is sometimes warped into a squarish shape, too. However, being from embedded Julia sets, they have similar structure as the Julias, which have structure similar to the part of the Mandelbrot set from which they're taken. Or, in other words, more of the same spirals.

In that respect, this one is no different. :-) I like it, though, because it shows the phyllotaxis patterns that aren't often seen with Mandelbrot and Julia sets. They're there, you just have to know where to look. This one was pulled from an embedded Julia off of the 8/21 disk of a midget off the 8/21 disk of the main cardioid. Also, I was able to clean up the "background" a bit so that the phyllotaxis shows up most prominently. If you want to go exploring around here, this image is centered at -0.388301367376806743/0.596673282113460201 with a magnification of 2E14.